Sunday, February 24, 2013

Progress on my allotment

A catch up from the visit to my allotment last Monday,

I have finally finished weeding my spud bed, it will have my main crop Sarpo Mira in plus one lot of early's that can be left as second early's - although I can't remember what variety this is.....doh I just need to move my sage..... I will wait until my seed potatoes are ready before moving them.

The rest of my early's I will be attempting to grow in large ikea bags, I have always used this method as I have a small garden but I think I have in the past tried to grow to many seed potatoes in one bag so although I had masses of potatoes they were small.

This year I will stick to 2 seed spuds per bag, filling half the bag with compost then filling up as the leaves grow. I have lots of carpet covered land on my allotment so I will utilise the space on top of the carpet areas. Along with anything I chuck in containers.

Chloe helped to sow tomatoes and yellow toms, aubergines, chillies, peas, chives and some morning glory. They are all in my little grow house with some early cabbage seedlings and various winter lettuce that I let the children sow last year!

Strangely the garlic cloves that I planted in modules last autumn have done nothing but the forgotten bulbs in my potato bed are all doing well in their new home

What are you going to grow this year. (One day I will have some followers)


  1. I'm going to grow a variety of carrots this year called Jeanette.....yeah really! Got the seed potatoes on the go and will put into dustbins mid March. Happy digging. Jeanette

  2. Hahahaha I can't wait to try the "Jeanette" carrots! X