Sunday, February 3, 2013


So last year, April to be precise. I got a letter from my local council to say that there was a space on my nearest allotment. I put my name on the list when I moved here and then forgot all about it as the lists are so very long here. It is a new site, and has been waste ground for many years but I still I jumped at the chance and promptly chose my plot; Number 13.

So it was full of weeds and huge! I did my best with it last year but it beat me in the end. By September I was wondering how on earth I was going to maintain it. But then For my birthday my lovely fella Chris, surprised me with a shed on my plot. My in-laws also surprised me with a wheel barrow, chair and new fork and a gorgeous sign for my shed! I was in love with my plot again.

Armed with my new camping stove and accessories from my besties I set about making some new plans for plot 13 and fingers crossed it will be a better year this year!

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