Monday, February 4, 2013

Lovely windy day!

Today the sun was out, it was also extremely windy! I was secretly hoping that the wind would blow next doors fence down ;-) its really tatty with slats missing here and there. No joy as yet but I am hopeful. Anyway I was pleased that for the first time this year I managed to get some washing on the line! I'm easily pleased.

I managed to get my butt to the allotment too, I was being a little lazy so instead of opening the door to the garage (this required me hunting for the keys) to get my wellies. I grabbed Shannon's from the car along with an ikea bag that I intend planting some first early spuds in. Feeling satisfied with the lack of effort involved in grabbing Shan's willies I set off.

Trip to lottie was an epic fail! Firstly Shannon's willies were blooming wet inside - YUK so I opted to keep my converse on. Then after digging roughly a 2ft square of bed 1 my thumb burst through my glove! Well my beautiful dank clay soil didn't let me down...... I was literally stuck in the mud!

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